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GB Prof. Ricardo Almeida – UFC and the Marines

Dear students,

Today our “GB San Clemente and Dana Point Instructor Team ” lead by Professor Ricardo went to Camp Pendleton for a Special Class with the Marines.

The team got together at 7:00am and around 150 marines where at the gymnasium.

Professor Ricardo and Professor Adao covered some self defense techniques as well as basics of Jiu Jitsu and moder MMA.

After the exchange of knowledge all soldiers, GB and Marines, got together for some live training.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to visit the base. A special thanks for Coach Martin Finkelstein who made the class possible.

Also a big thanks to all of the Professors and Coaches.

Professor Ricardo Almeida
Professor Adao Januario
Professor Felipe Guedes
Coach Jamee Morales
Coach Brian Mansfield
Coach Barry Crowther
Coach Fernando Nassif
Coach Charles Gomes
Coach Martin Finkelstein
Mike Dorrian
David Weber

“Some people live an entire lifetime wondering if they’ve made a difference in the world, Marines don’t have that problem.” ~ President Ronald Regan

Here is a Video from the class today… Enjoy!




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