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San Clemente Team victorious over the weekend

We would like to congratulate our three students who well represented our team this past weekend.

Coach Jeff Carlson went to Phoenix and got the gold medal after finishing his opponent with a choke.

Coach Angy Ormonde got 3rd place at the biggest No Gi tournament ever made for females. She won her first match agains a black belt.

Max Tait made his debut at a Pankration Style Tournament (where strikes to the body is allowed) and he came up with the Gold Medal after finishing all his opponents with a arm triangle, arm bar and pulled of a guillotine with in 20 seconds in the final.

Congratulations to all of you again. Our team is proud and happy to see you all of you progressing and taking the extra chalenge of competing. We are sure you will have experiences that will make it stronger and it will carry on with you for the rest of your life’s.


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