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San Clemente Triton Football Martial Arts Training

"Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu San Clemente Football Drill Tritons Martial Arts"

Gracie Barra San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Session with Triton Football

The Gracie Barra San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Team went to San Clemente high school for a special martial arts training session this past weekend.

We were invited by one of our long time students purple belt Matt Harnatov to help the Triton Football Team prepare for the next season. The goal of the class was to provide a fun yet challenge Jiu-Jitsu training session for the athletes from San Clemente High School.

The class took a even better format as GB San Clemete Jiu-Jitsu Professors Flavio Almeida and Felipe Guedes showed how BJJ can actually be used to help them perform better at blocking defensive drills.

Check the video below to Learn the BJJ armdrag in use for Football

Over 50 athletes and coaches joined the 2 hours practice that ended with all Gracie Barra San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu instructors training with everybody.

Great times!

GB San Clemente Jiu-Jitsu Team

P.S. You can access the picture gallery form the Jiu-Jitsu training session at San Clemente High School by clicking here


2 responses to “San Clemente Triton Football Martial Arts Training”

  1. I along with the San Clemente Coaching Staff wanted to express our gratitude to Professor Felipe and Professor Flavio along with the rest of the instructors for coming down and training with our team. It was a great experience and the kids had a great time. The Gracie Barra Team is now a part of our Triton Family and we look forward to working with you in the future.


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