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True Story – Jiu Jitsu vs AD/HD and Dyslexia

Pic: Nate Roenspie (9 years old) and his dad Joe Roenspie studing together for Nate’s belt testing.

From Janette Roenspie, Nate’s mom:

At 5 years old Nate was diagnosed with AD/HD and dyslexia. Nate was having a very hard time in school with both learning and behavior. His test scores were falling far below normal.

One of the things his doctor suggested was martial arts. He said it would help with focus and stress.

Nate’s first STAR test scores where far below normal. Even with extra help at school things didn’t seem to be improving.

Last year, in 3rd grade, Nate was accepted in to the IEP program and in March he started with Gracie Barra in San Clemente. When Nate took his STAR testing last May, he scored Basic in reading and Proficient in math. A GIANT step forward.

With all the extra training this summer, we saw a big improvement at home as well.

A new school year usually brings lots of drama. This year Nate started out with so much more confidence and focus. His teachers are so pleased with the change in his ability to concentrate and handle stress. We of course told them about Nate’s summer of training, what, 5 times a week now? :)

Nate has also decided to run for Student Counsel this year. 4th grade Athletic Director. Between that and his decision to compete in the tournament next month, it’s clear his confidence has improved greatly.

We hoped but had no idea the impact your program would have on Nate. We also hoped it would be something he’d love and stay with. Again, we had no idea how important it would become to him. Nate is convinced he will have his black belt at 19. It wouldn’t surprise us a bit!

We are so blessed to have such a great group of coaches at Gracie Barra. The love and dedication you show to your Little Champions is a perfect example for Nate.

The Roenspie’s look forward to many years with Gracie Barra!

God Bless!”

Pic: Nate passing his belt test and demonstrating the techniques in fornt of the parents and kids.
Pic: Nate receiving his grey/white belt from Prof. Felipe Guedes and Coach Kanai Brown.

One response to “True Story – Jiu Jitsu vs AD/HD and Dyslexia”

  1. Danny de Viso says:

    Today I just happened to get to class early and watch Joe and Nate practice. Then Nate got some time with Coach Kanai. Nate was doing great and having fun at the same time. I noticed his focus and told him after what a great job he did defending himself from Kanai. With his great big smile he confidently explained to me what he was trying to do and thanked me.
    Nate you are an example to many people big and small, you will be successful at the tournament and everything you put your mind to in life! keep up the hard work!
    Great job parents!
    In His name,
    Danny de Viso

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