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Anti Bullying Seminar at GB Encino & Church

On March 16th, Prof. Felipe Guedes was invited to teach an anti-bullying seminar at Gracie Barra Encino, Los Angeles.

It was a great class where Prof. Felipe, together with GB Encino’s head instructor Prof. Juan Pablo Garcia, taught the kids the Gracie Barra Anti-Bullying System.

At the end of the seminar all kids received an official Gracie Barra “No Bullying” wristband and certificate.

After the class Prof. Felipe explained he was approached by multiple parents giving positive feedback from the class and thanked him for helping their kids understand that dealing with bullies requires much more than just self defense.

If you are part of a group, club, or team and would also like to have Prof. Felipe and our Gracie Barra coaches teach a special class to your kids, please give us a call. Professor Felipe is on a mission to stop bullying!

Picture: GB Encino


Picture: St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea Church



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