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10 Great Tips For Best Preparing For Jiu- Jitsu Tournaments

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10 Great Tips Preparing For Jiu- Jitsu Tournaments From Your Coaches

The GB San Clemente Martial Arts Team is already a step ahead preparing for the International Jiu-Jitsu Tournament happening in Las Vegas, August 10.  Our team of professors and coaches are leading the GB Dana Point and San Clemente Team to prepare for success!

Preparing for tournaments can be stressful. However, with your coaches, we have gathered tips on how to best prepare for a tournament from our experts.  Here are some great tips for best preparing for a Jiu- Jitsu tournament from your professors and coaches at Gracie Barra San Clemente


2. Make sure your diet is in control


4. Sleep well

5. Build a game plan

6. Mentally prepare

7.  Don’t do anything different; your diet, nothing!  Your mind will naturally think that something is wrong but there isnt… JUST GO!


9. Don’t train hard 2 days before you need to relax and rest!

10. Fight Negative thoughts by imagining exactly how you are going to win.

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