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Great Tips From Professor Flavio On The 50/50 Guard


 Great Tips From Professor Flavio On The 50/50 Guard 

Last Wednesday, the first class of our 50/50 Guard training began!  This was a huge success.  With a classroom filled with students, Professor Flavio explained the concept of the 50/50 game: Leg Position, Hip Position, Grips and Goals.  Professor Flavio wanted to engage the students minds on the intricacies of such an interesting part of Jiu-Jitsu, which goes beyond teaching the steps to build the technique.

Moving forward from the first 50/50 Guard Training class, Professor Flavio will work on how to explore alternative grips on legs and arms that will lead to several variations of submissions, sweeps and escapes.  We encourage you to practice the 50/50 Game in our study halls!

Upcoming 50/50 Class Dates

  • July 24th- Sweeps and Reversals from the 50/50 Guard
  • July 31st- Submissions from the 50/50 Guard
  • August 7th- Getting in and out of the 50/50 Guard

All Classes are at 7 am at GB San Clemente

Professor Flavio put together a video to help you with the 3 moves we saw in the first class; taking the back from the 50/50, straight foot lock from the 50/50, and escape from the 50/50

It is not too late to sign up!  To Register for the upcoming classes click

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