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Exclusive Interview With Professor Flavio About His Trip To Brazil


Professor Flavio’s Thoughts On His Recent Trip To Brazil 

Gracie Barra is not just in San Clemente but all over the world… even in Brazil.  Recently, Professor Flavio and Professor Felipe went to the Gracie Barra International Conference in Brazil.  We got a chance to sit down with Professor Flavio and do an exclusive interview with him about his experience in Brazil.

Q. What were you doing in Brazil?

It’s our responsibility to bring back to Brazil what we have discovered here in America because that’s where the art came from. Felipe and I were at the Gracie Barra Brazil International Conference to connect and teach them business techniques and methods of organizing Gracie Barra School’s in Brazil. In Brazil, there are a lot of schools but they aren’t ran as a business so they don’t achieve their potentials because it lies behind the instructor.  It was an honor to stand side by side by Professor Marcio Feitosa and Carlos Gracie to help them overall raise the level and quality of instruction in Brazil.

Q.  What were the highlights of the trip?

1. For me personally, it was awesome to see how far Professor Felipe has come.  When he first started, he didn’t know much about Jiu-Jitsu but to see him now grow from blue belt to black belt and present Jiu-Jitsu with so much passion was so great!  Felipe is not an award champion, but he is one of the most capable people in GB to teach others how to grow and run their schools and become a successful entrepreneur in Jiu-Jitsu.


2. The last activity was a seminar from Master Carlos was teaching over 100 BB professors. It was amazing how he approached it. He facilitated the seminar where each instructor was teaching their own techniques so they can work together to solve solutions.  It was cool because the way he did it was like a chess game to think about technique instead of just doing it.  It was a mental mind game.

Q.  What are you excited to bring home to San Clemente?

I had the privilege to meet Professor Samuel Nascimento in Brazil. He had no hands from an accident and he still excelled in Jiu-Jitsu.  If he can excel in Jiu-Jitsu and be disciplined,we can too.  There is no excuse.  It reminded me how spoiled we are because even though we have all the tools we make excuses to justify not getting us further in our practice.  Just like Professor Samuel Nascimento with no hands, he had no limits to his jiu-jitsu practice.  We must not either.”

“Jiu-Jitsu is a complete art and its your responsibility to adapt it to your body.”- Professor Samuel Nascimento

Q. What are some of your plans for the summer now being home?

I am excited about all the summer events for the school.  I am excited to teach the 50/50 training plan and learn a lot about it.  I hope our students see enough value in it to wake up at 6:30 and meet me there at 7 am haha I am also excited to get back in competition.  I am planning to do 4 tournaments starting in August ending at the Award Championships in October. I am counting on the students to help me prepare.


There you have it!  From Professor Flavio himself.  He will be teaching the competition class tonight at 4 pm at GB San Clemente.  Come by and say hi!


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