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Ways to Compliment Your Child


Ways To Compliment Your Child

One of my favorite television shows growing up was Full House.  In Full House Danny Tanner lost his wife in an accident and raised three daughters with his brother in law and best friend.  One of the things I loved about this show was the father figure of Danny Tanner.  At the end of every show, he was always so encouraging to his children no matter what they did.

Sometimes, do we tend to forget our role as a parent to encouraging our children?  A child will always look to a parent as a role model and for encouragement.  They desire to be praised by you!  Finding encouragement and praise at home will not only build their self esteem and confidence but also have a positive emotional balance.  A great resource we found is  This is a website for dad’s for tips to raise your child.  Here we found a topic on how to compliment your child.  It goes over a variety of different points;

  • Recognize and compliment their character
  • Compliment Obedience and Respect
  • Appreciate them for being a part of the family
  • Compliment contributions to the family
  • Compliment the quality of a child’s work
  • We can compliment the effort, even if the result isn’t the best
  • It is important that we compliment kids when they accomplish something new
  • We can compliment sense of style even if we don’t have the same taste
  • Compliment steps towards a long-term goal.
  • Try complimenting their friends

*If you would like to read more details on this click

Check out this short clip of Full House 



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