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“Let’s Begin Berimbolo-ing!” A Black Belt Training Given By Professor Felipe Guedes


“Let’s Begin Berimbolo-ing!” A Black Belt Training Given By Professor Felipe Guedes

Dear students,

“Let’s begin Berimbolo-ing!!”  How many times have you heart this word lately??  Is berimbolo a new brazilian music instrument?? No!! :) That is “Berimbau“, that one metal string guitar with a coconut at the used in capoeira. And it is also not a type of brazilian cake “bolo”. The real berimbolo can actually be deadly!  Some people understand the technique in it’s finest detail, while others believe that any time someone goes upside-down, they’re “Berimbolo-ing!”It is time about time for you to say it out loud… YES I do know the Berimbolo game!

The Berimbolo is another important development in Jiu Jitsu, another innovation that makes the game deeper, more interesting and more dynamic. Definitely something new and powerful in competitive Jiu Jitsu. A set of techniques that it is being used on every single tournament from light weigh to absolute heavy weigh.  Most notably almost between Marcus Buchecha and Roger Gracie the first Metamoris tournament, or Prof. Flavio at the final of Vegas Open 2013.

My goal is to explore the details of the move in a way for EVERYONE who wants to understand it more thoroughly. So you will be able to apply it on your opponents, to defend it or both!  In my opinion you can chose to be a “attacker”, but everyone must be a “defender”, so you are prepared for when someone is applying on you.

GB Professor Samuel Braga is known to have used the technique back in 2005, but Rafael Mendes is one of the most famous athletes using this techniques these days for competition. Here are a couple of details from him.

  • The roll is “more like a front roll” (Rafael’s words) than any kind of barrel roll. Your head must remain tight to the opponent’s hip in order to ever hope to be close to the back once the opponent’s body is tilted.
  • In addition, the foot that was originally in place for the De La Riva must switch to push off the ground in order to add force to the momentum of your front roll. You cannot hope to use the momentum of your hips turning over to do the job itself. 

“Time has come!”

 Wednesdays at 7:00am at Gracie Barra San Clemente

  • September 11th: De La Riva – Berimbolo Connection & Drills
  • September 25th: Berimbolo set ups.
  • October 9th: The risks of “Berimbolo-ing” & Counter-Attacks.
  • October 23rd: Advanced Berimbolo.


Professor Felipe Guedes

To register for the Berimbolo click

To check out the videos Professor Felipe discussed in his letter click the links below.


“>20:00 Minute

“>1:10 minute


For more infomation call (949) 361-9411


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