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Sneak Peak: Titanium Team (Kids Competition Team)


Sneak Peak Into The Titanium Team for Kids- Interview With Professor Felipe Guedes

At GB San Clemente, we wanted to give you a sneak peak on what our team has been working on.  We have been developing a team called the Titanium Team.  As we are finalizing details about this new program, we got a chance to interview Professor Guedes on the Titanium Team.

What is the Titanium Team? The Titanium Team is a competition team formed by students (7 to 14 year old), by invitation only,  that will be attending a set of weekly competition classes with special curriculum and class structure.  The Titanium Team mission statement is : “We seek to form champions in life through high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training for tournaments”.

What made you come up with this Titanium Team?Now that GB San Clemente and GB Dana Point are both mature schools we felt a need from the most advanced and most dedicated students to endure a new level of training and be able to excel on any type of tournament.  The team will have the opportunity to compete together once a month.

 What is the goals of the Titanium Team?  Well, I think that our mission statement says it all: “We seek to form champions in life through high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training for tournaments”.  We want to provide the ultimate level of brazilian jiu-jitsu training for competition, preparing our competitors not only to excel in tournaments but to also to learn how to appreciate to live a life of challenge. They will learn valuable lessons training for competition that they will be able to carry on for the rest of their life’s. One of the special benefits of this program is that the students will learn about Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success.

 What are the benefits of being part of the Titanium Team?

A lot!!! I can list some of them:

  • To be part of an exclusive team of athletes.
  • To be able to use a special uniform or patch. (To be determined)
  • To improve physically and mentally to endure pressure in tough situations.
  • Develop character and learn leadership skills inside and outside the dojo.
  • Two 1 hour Titanium Classes and One 2 hours Titanium Class per week.
  • Monthly study hall with your Professors and team partners.
  • Monthly conditioning training.
  • To Develop a flawless basic jiu jitsu techniques skills.
  • To learn the most advanced techniques of today used for high performance jiu jitsu tournaments.
  • To develop their own “game” and build a strategic plan to execute in each tournament.
  • The opportunity to compete in a Jiu Jitsu tournament once per month.
  • Receive personal support for the major brazilian jiu jitsu tournaments.
  • To have an opportunity to be part of a demonstration team.
  • To have the opportunity to better our community with volunteer work organized by the school.
  • Students will learn about Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of success.

 How are you feeling about the upcoming release of the Titanium Team?  I can’t wait to get it started! I think that this will be a huge step forward on our student’s development in so many areas of their life’s.  The official date for the Titanium Team Classes to start will be on our Fall Schedule on September 2nd. But we will have a “Try Out Class” on Friday August 30th for the students who received the official invitation.  The regular classes will be Mondays and Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm at GB San Clemente and Fridays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at GB Dana Point


More to come on the Titanium Team!

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