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Ways BJJ Parents Get Their Child To Stop Whining


Ways To Get Your Child To Stop Whining

Does your child whine a lot?  Raising a child can be hard.  Especially when you have to discipline them.  A lot of times we have a hard time telling our kids no and they start getting what they want and they realize that.  How do kids get what they want most of the time?  By whining.  On we found a great article on 10 ways to get your child to stop whining.  He goes through each of these points.

  • Ignore them- Your child will realize that their whining isn’t working
  • Leave the room
  • Remove the cause- If they are whining about a toy or an object simply put it away.
  • Name Whining- Change the name whining to something else.
  • Time out
  • Change the subject
  • The Whiny Jar- If your child gets allowance take away some of their allowance each time they whine after a warning.
  • You are a role model- Don’t whine in front of your kids, they notice!
  • Make sure your child gets enough sleep

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