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10 Ways To Prepare For Your Child’s School Year

10 Ways To Prepare For Your Child’s School Year

I love this first part of Finding Nemo.  Nemo is so excited to go to his first day of school.  To Nemo, school represented his independence from his father, that he can do things on his own.  Isn’t it bitter sweet?  Especially for a child’s first time going to school.  Sometimes it’s hard for us to let go.  Although we cannot be with them every second at school, we can prepare a great school year for our kids.  We came up with 10 ways to prepare for your child’s school year.

1.  Be Involved In Class- Although we cannot be by our child’s side every second of the day, we can be involved in our child’s class.  Volunteering a couple of hours in the classroom is so special for your child.  It makes them feel special that you are coming to visit!

2. Homework- Squeeze out some time in the day to help your child with their homework.  They will not only be learning more but they will also be excited to show you what they have learned in class.  This is great bonding time.

3.  Orientations- Take advantage of orientations.  This can be helpful to you as well as your child.  This can give us clarity on what is going on in the classroom and ways we can help our child.

4. After School Activities-  By getting your child involved in a sport, especially martial arts, it creates community for your child as well as discipline and motivation.

5.  School Year Schedule- On the School Districts Website. ( the school year calendar is planned out.  Get organized and plan your school year in line with the schools.  This keeps vacations, after school activities and personal planning run smoothly.

6. Healthy Breakfast- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  If you are feeding your child healthy food (Not a lot of sugar), they will be mentally motivated for the rest of the day.  With a balanced meal of protien, nutrients and vitamins this will make their day much better.

7. Packing Healthy Lunches-  I know it is easier to give your child a lunchable, but we need to maintain a healthy diet for our children.  For an example of a healthy lunch click

8.  Play Dates-  Planning play dates with other your child’s school friends provides community for your kids.  Having childhood friends is important for their childhood.  These can even be life long friendships that make a difference in your child life.

9. Be encouraging and supportive- Being an encourager to your child raises their self esteem.  By talking to them about their school day and being encouraging and supportive your child will desire to have you be more involved in their school activity.

10.  Get your child early to bed-  According to Dr. Laura Markham,  kids need 9 1/2 to 11 hours of sleep a night, depending on their age.  (Teens need a minimum of 9.5; toddlers usually do best with 11).  Give your child the rest they need each day to be mentally prepared for the day!

We wish you a great first week of school!

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