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What has Prof. Flavio Learned on his Recent Competitions

As you probably know, Professor Flavio Almeida is very active on the social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He uses them to share events and many lessons learned on his work as a competitor, instructor, entrepreneur and leader. During the month of August, we witnessed an spectacular return of competition from our head instructor and decided to screen his social networks to find some of the insights he had during these tournaments.

Here is Prof. Flavio’s profile on social networks:

Enjoy this inspiring reading:

#1: Competition is Not a Form of War

1148944_10201792390321625_668073397_n“Competition is not a form of war. The people you compete against are also the people you play with. They aren’t enemies. The word “competition” comes from the Latin root competere, which means “to strive together, not against each other.” Big Thanks to Prof. Renan Vital for the great match at the heavy weight final yesterday. – Flavio Almeida





#2: Fight with Your Heart

San Clemente JiuJitsu double legAmong the many lessons I learned from my father is to fight with my heart. “Go get what is your son! Don’t let anyone take it away from you. You will never be defeated if you leave all you have on the field. That’s all you can do”. – Flavio Almeida





#3: The Art of Coaching

San clemente jiujitsu coach“Love coaching GB students and training partners. I have learned from @ricardoalmeidabjj and @feitosagbthat coaching is an art for a few. It is not about screaming your lungs out and cursing the referee. It is about providing emotional support and analyzing each situation of the match helping the athlete see what he can’t. A coach can’t win a fight, but he/she can definitely change its result but helping the athlete make smarter choices. When the coach’s and Athlete’s mind operate in harmony, they become one” – Flavio Almeida








 #4: The Challenge

san clemente martial arts champion“There is only one way to find out what you are made of: a good challenge. You first need to accept it. It is looking at you and you can’t look away. You have to stare at it, get close to it, and eventually land your grips on it. It will shake, flip, and pressure you in ways you could have never anticipated or even remember afterwards. In the middle of chaos, you will find a place where knowledge, intuition, and creativity meet. That place will be the source of clarity that will give you the direction you need to fight your way through it. At the end, winning or losing you will stand stronger than ever and then you stop and say: what the hell just happened?! I wanna do this again.”

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