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The Mayor of San Clemente


“On behalf of the city of San Clemente, I would like to congratulate you on your Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school in San Clemente and reaching a six-year milestone operating a small buisness .We commend your school and its team for doing an excellent job offering a variety of beneficial programs to enhance their lives.  Not only do kids gain valuable self-defense techniques, but they also learn terrific life skills such as character development, confidence building, and physical fitness.  Additionally, your anti-bullying community service campaign has had such a positive impact on so many individuals, helping them gain the needed skills to defend themselves against a bully.  Congratulations on your success.” -Tim Brown, Mayor of San Clemente.



“I can tell you how the instructors and professors are the best out there…but to meet them is to understand.   I can tell you how you will be greeted by a phenomenal staff in a welcoming, no pressure, positive atmosphere… but just entering through their doors can truly show you.  I can tell you that your child will experience world class instruction by a team of instructors who collectively encompass an unbelievable level of expertise and experience delivered in a manner that is fun, positive, disciplined, respectful, structured and shows that they truly care about your child… but letting your child try their class lets them experience it for themselves.

I can tell you that in 3.5 years of having my son (14) attend GB San Clemente, and now my daughter (12) as well, I have never heard a negative comment about this school… but to become a part of their family will show you why.

I can tell you that as a parent, I couldn’t ask for better individuals for my son to look up to, to emulate, to be influenced by, or spend time with than the staff at Gracie Barra San Clemente. They have truly played a role in helping define the responsible, respectful, dedicated young man that he is.  He now spends 8 hours a week there between his own classes and helping teach their Little Champs Classes.  Their program has continued to evolve and grow and they are always seeking ways to improve their classes to give the highest level of training to their students.

You will not find another BJJ school that comes close to theirs in the quality of the individuals, the level of expertise on the mats, the familial environment, or the care and concern shown to the students while providing them with the greatest chances of success in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and in life.” -Amy B.


Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Super Samurai


“Thank you to your executive director Professor Flavio, and the children’s program directors Professors Felipe and Diogo, for inviting us to your school to talk to you about the importance of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and how you can use it to better yourself and your community!  With your help, we can spread the lessons of self-empowerment and zero tolerance towards bullying so we can move together towards a bigger and brighter future for generations to come!  Check out GB San Clemente to learn the importance of self-empowerment, and how to protect yourself from the big, bad bullies!” -Alex Heartman (Red), Najee De-Tiege (Blue), Steven Skylar (Gold); cast of Nickelodeon’s Power Ranger Super Samurai.




“Dylan was so proud of Prof! I’m so glad he got to watch one of his idols win 3x! Prof Felipe, Prof Diogo, and Coach Ryan are incredible!  They love these kids and teach them self defense, confidence, and respect. These are life skills that will go on with these kids forever. We are so blessed to have them in Dylan’s life.” -MacKenzie L.





“The best Jiu-Jitsu family around. Everybody is treated as equals on and off the mats, regardless of your Jiu-Jitsu level.  Most importantly, GBSC supports our troops.  Professor Felipe and the GB family sacrifice their own personal time to help train, guide, and mentor Marines on the art of Jiu-Jitsu.” -GySgt., Michael Marie Jr.





“My son who is about to turn 8 has attend GB San Clemente for 8 lessons to date.  Our son is so excited to attend each lesson.  My wife and I are so happy with his progress to date.  Most importantly we are watching his self confidence grow with each lesson.  This positive growth in our son is happening due to the dedication, lead by Professor Felipe, Flavio, Ryan and the other members of their team.  We could not be happier to have found GBSC and even more importantly with the loving care given to our son and all the children.  Well done and thank you.” -Buck P., father of 8 year old Els.





“One of my favorite places to train!  The students here are tough, and with so many brown belts on the mat I look forward to every training session and getting pushed by the team.  You have to go in and train.  The guys here offer a lot of help to the new students as well to make it a great experience from white to black.” -Inacio Neto, Gracie Barra Athlete & BJJ Champion.




“Simply put, attending Gracie Barra is one of the best things we have ever done for our family.  I have trained at Gracie Barra for more than three years with all three of my children.  In addition to world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Professors, coaches and instructors teach invaluable life principles and set a amazing example for my children.  At every turn, they have worked tirelessly to improve an already phenomenal children’s program and have quickly address every concern I’ve had with care. Authenticity, honesty, discipline, kindness, family, passion and personal development are just a few of the things you get by joining Gracie Barra.” -Eric D.


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