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Can’t Miss Opportunity Every Saturday morning with Pan Am Medalist!


1st degree Black Belt Leads Every Drills Class to Make Your Skills Much Better… Much Faster!

Professor Diogo Ferreira, a first degree Black Belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr., is actively working each week to improve and get better.  Professor Diogo grew up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil but now calls Mission Viejo home and teaches every day in San Clemente.  Besides teaching, Professor Diogo is an active competitor on the IBJJF circuit and most recently finished 3rd place at the Pan American Championships.  His years of experience in both instruction and competing make him an incredible choice to be leading this style of class.

The drills class, which is open to all levels of adults, is vital for the development of a Jiu Jitsu student.  Drilling can apply to any repetition of technique, although in practice the best drills tend to focus less on the minute technical details and more on repetition, speed and proper movement.

Every drills class consists of 2 drills standing up, and is followed by 5 drills on the ground to ensure a complete learning experience.

You should plan to arrive well hydrated and 5-10 minutes early with your uniform on as class always starts on time.

Each drills class is 1 hour every Saturday morning at 10am.  Following the class there is one hour of sparring for our advanced students.

Here are some pictures from last week’s Drills Class!

For more information please call 949-361-9411.

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