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Special Seminar this Saturday! Prof. Paulo “Drive in”

Your presence is really appreciated!
Location: GB San Clemente
Feb 6th from 10am to 12pm
(Regular All Levels class is cancelled for this day) 

Investment: $30
Drive in_Special Class poster PIC
Please watch the short video of Professor Felipe inviting you and explaining why this is such a special event ;)
Letter from Prof. Flavio Almeida…
“Hi Team, I hope you are all doing well!
Are you planning to attend the seminar with Prof. Paulo Cezar this Sat 10am at GB San Clemente?
If yes, thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to us and you will learn some amazing techniques. 
I remember going to Brazil on vacation a few years ago and training with Drive-In for the first time. We rolled for 10 Mins and I did not get any close to pass his guard. While we trained he would whisper on my year, Professor Flavio you can go hard on me! I am small but I am tough. and So I did.
But I did nothing. I was totally lost on his guard….and I am still intrigued by it today. I never had a chance to roll with him again, but look forward to the next opportunity. What an amazing Jiu-Jitsu!!!
This weekend you all have a chance to feel this and learn from him. Prof. Drive-In is not only an amazing student of the art but an avid selfless teacher.
His work with these kids has had an amazing impact on the community. I doubt anyone of the kids you see in San Clemente would have a future if it wasn’t for his work.
If you are not planning to attend the seminar, please reconsider. This will be a very special event for a lot of reasons.
Deep Bow to Prof. Felipe for opening our doors and arms for this amazing gentlemen and his kids.
Wishing you all an amazing seminar.
Miss you all.”
– Flavio

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