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This is not your local grunt and sweat MMA gym. Gracie Barra San Clemente (GBSC) is a family run, family oriented and family friendly meeting place to learn the “gentle art’ of Gracie Jiu Jitsu and be with friends – both old and new. They offer something for everyone here. From Kids “fun” classes; Women’s only self defense and cardio; beginning, intermediate and advanced Gi and NoGi classes; special events/focused skills instruction, and even one-on-one training for those with special needs or those requesting unique/focused training.

GBSC is not just a place with some mat space, but offers kid friendly areas when parents are training, a lounge to share the day’s experiences or watch the latest techniques on video and gender specific changing rooms/bathrooms to facilitate those last minute dashes to or from work.

As one of the older beginners (I’m 52) I have found my GBSC instructors and teammates to be most welcoming, accepting and inspiring. I’ve always felt “at home” here – as do all my seven kids (I know, a few too many). So come down and join us – you’ll want to spend all your “free” time here learning and living the “gentle art”.

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